I have always practiced music and photography in the same way and my approach to both is exactly the same: colour, texture, silence and brightness being my main inspirations. I have always enjoyed the close association between music and an image, be it a still or moving image.
Paradoxically, what interests me most is not the immediacy of the shot but the duration; the wait, the absence, the suspended moments, the poetry of the detail and the ‘almost nothing’, silent and enigmatic moments where the presence of the human being is only suggested. I also like to create more formal and graphic pictures, the balance of power between the animate and the inanimate, the masculine and feminine fusion.
I like to collect and organise my photos so that they create a story but do not give everything away, a story that everyone can invent from the perspective of their own life.

Works and lives in Lyon, France.
Photographie argentique // analog photography from 24x36 negative films.
All photos by Olivier Longre.

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