I have always practiced music and photography in the same way and my approach to both is exactly the same: colour, texture, silence and brightness being my main inspirations. I have always enjoyed the close association between music and an image, be it a still or moving image.
Paradoxically, what interest me most in photography is not the immediacy of the shot but the duration: the wait, the absence, the suspended instants, the poetry of the ‘almost nothing’, silent moments where the presence of the human being is only suggested.
Looking for angles and vacuums, balance the power between the animate and the inanimate, bring together the masculine and the feminine in objects and structures, my work could be summed up in the search for those moments in balance.

Works and lives in Lyon, France.
Photographie argentique // analog photography from 24x36 negative films.
All photos by Olivier Longre.

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Antique melodies 
Lettre à Jeanne 


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Lydiane Chomienne restauratrice de peintures.